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That'd be the best solution at the moment, but there's one problem for me. I haven't got LJ account yet...(_ _;)

Do you think I can acceess locked LJ community with my OpenID such as TypePad or Google?


hye Tenjo-chan...
omg..You got another youtube accounts again hahah... you are really good... I got 2 strike with my arashi fanvid.. and right now ..I stop uploading my video at youtube... that's really make me sad..hountoni... I just make Nino pic video with half of cry for you songs .. and i got disclaimer warning.. Sometimes, i think others people who hate arashi doing that .. because a lot of others JE/Jpop video still available at youtube...huhu...
So you may be create a new community at livejournal? .. is it a new community ? or just your livejournal? Hope I could join to your community too...

p/s: sorry about my poor english

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