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All the above doramas are approved :P, except that Paradise Kiss.
No. I like the manga very much. VERY MUCH.
And still hovering why she only worked it for a short vol (if you imagine Nana)??? Why??? Too short!!

The one, who ruined it is Keiko Kitagawa-san. No. I also kinda like her. Kinda.
But, for Yukari, she's a bit old. Not the age. The face. > <
I mean, she doesn't have the youth or high school student feeling in her. It just...... > <
Well, if she cuts her bangs, it'll work. Maybe .


thanks for this


and in veterinarian dolittle Hiroki Narimiya is one of the cast, and he was with shun and nino in stand up! I love seeing actors together again!!


waaah! i'm excited for shun, mao, and narimiya drama! that sounds interesting! and a love triangle!!?!?!? O___O YEEE! i can't wait until it's aired!! XDD


Nice! Looking forward to these!

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