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Done. Hate it when people do this. No sense of netiquette. 

Tenjo Style

Thank you for your support m(_ _)m


Echo ^^Odio que la gente tenga que hacer estas cosas...A mi tambien me paso lo mismo. Cogieron my fanvid de Juntoshi y lo volvieron a subir pero con otra cancion distinta -.-"Espero que lo tuyo se solucione pronto ^^

Tenjo Style

El de Juntoshi!!? <3 Eso es aun peor!!!!

Una cosa es subir el video porque te gusta y lo quieres compartir.. y lo otro es cojer el trabajo de otra y modificarlo.. como si no se notara que lo has robado.. aish U___U


I couldn't do anything with my blackberry but I'll report the video to You Tube.
The person who stole your vid and got the credit you should've got should be suspended, even though I believe that it wouldn't be enough.

Tenjo Style

In America, I saw that everyone had a blackberry or an iphone, wow!!

Please, don't report it to youtube... because they deleted my original fanvid too... U_U


OK, I won't.
That's not what I want and your videos should stay as they are, but not @ "her" account.

I read so many "please delete" comments from your friends and fans to the video she stole from u and re-uploaded.
If she understands English, she should be moved by those words.
If she doesn't delete shortly, she might be a person who just doesn't care others but herself.
Hopefully, she is a "human" with some good heart...

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