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cool! johnny's summer da yo!!!! now all i need is new doramas for jun, nino and kame and i'll be happy XDD ( am i asking for too much       ^^)

Tenjo Style

Me too!!!! xDDDD Jun or Kame... but I really need a Jun drama... H___H

Kyouki ♥☆

I agree with the desire for a new Jun drama, although HYD Final will be out in June :P I'm currently torrenting Kimi wa Petto XD I loved that drama... I am too impatient to watch it all on youtube again, so I'm torrenting it :D


thanks... this is such a GREAT news...

wow... we will have a busy summer ne~~~ waiting for Dome con reports... fancams, and Riida's drama... ; also now with Yamapi's drama..

I am longing to see Aiba in drama ~~~~



Sou tenjo!!!! our johnny boys are having a professional treat ne.. with ohchan as a lawyer and pi as a doctor... sugoii.. i wanna see it already. Im most excited with Ohchan!

So many to watch~ <3


Certainly, GREAT news!! Can't wait to my vacations now... Riida's and Yamapi's new dramas, yay!! Ohno's never been in one, and I miss Yamapi's acting so much!! TT___TT *didn't watch anything after Kurosagi*

Both of them are really good actors, so I'm willing to dl and watch both of them!! Hope my internet connection helps me ¬¬...

(And how I wish I could have Riida as my lawyer and Pi as my doctor... O////O)

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