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wow.... sugoii....
serious ne....
thank's for this pic tenjo-san...


 ok this Oh-chan golden year  is not it!! .. i think i will love the drama .. the story is awesome .. Just can't wiat!

Martina chan

I've no words to describe how much he's cute with this new look!! ^____^

Sugoooooi Riida!! Ganbatte!! >___<

Thanks for sharing!!^^


i'm so excited!
i love it!
i'm very very happy!
*jumps out of happiness*


OMG! I've seen the Korean version of this drama.
The lawyer (the devil) was played by Joo Ji Hoon.
The detective died in the end.
So, Toma will die here?
I'm soooo excited to see Ohno on this role! ^___^
I love Ohno's new look!!!
Thanks for sharing! ^^


Ohno-chan yess I must see that I can't wait:) It's great news!!!! Rida saiko!!!!!!!!^o^
Black hair kakoii!!!


Tenjo, thanks for the translation..I went to the site but for the love of me, I can't decipher the kanji ehh..You are a hero! Arigato


thanks Tenjo chan.. for this great news.... I will definitely enjoy this " super popular " year of Arashi... even Ohno is going to do the TV drama ( I though he is mainly on art-creation and butai )

I am so happy to see him in TV .. ( one of my dream for Arashi is coming true.. ) my next wish is Aiba in TV drama as well.. I mean the serious drama... not the " Joke -kind " topic.. He was so good in the 2006/ 07 butai ?? right ?



yatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am already now proud of ohno! he will be doing sososo well! you can tell by his performance in the butai, that this kind of serious role will fit him perfectly! ahhhhh...ureshi.......... ^_____________^


WOW! Ohno doesn't have his hair sticking up anymore! I looooove it! Ohno is going to be SO cool in this, I just know it! Thanks for sharing! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to link to this post in my Vox...if you don't want me to, just let me know! Arigatou!


Uwaaa! This is gonna be gooooooooooooood ne~!

I cant wait to see this !! So many films to watch this summer ne~!

Hanadan, Chameleon, and now this haha

Im llooking forward to finally seeing Oh-chan on screen ne~! He's such a good actor =) and he looks so cool with black hair .. hardcore lmao

Whats the name of the film??

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