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wow...this is really really a very good news...i mean, Arashi really whole this kind of image (for me anyway lol)

thanks for the update ne


Thank you for posting this so quickly!!

I wish Nittere had approached other broadcasting campanies abroad for this 24-hour TV.

This had been a big fundraising every year, and it is nice to exchange the information between the participating countries.

(And of course, we would've had a big advantage to watch Arashi abroad...well, it's too late for this year, but probably in 4 years ? when they become main personality again??? Hehehe...)

Tenjo Style

Asou-chan, hai! This is really great for Arashi!!!! ^________^

Nagi99, it's Arashi's year ne? Specially, Jun's year!!! in 4 years again? hehe It's just awesome that they are in this show twice! hihi! Must go to study... but I am sleepy... xD


oh my gosh!!! thank you sooo much for this news!!! you don't know how much happy i am after reading this!!! ^______^ they're going to be the main personality again!! that's awesome!!!

Tenjo Style

You're welcome! The news are so big! =D I was so happy when my friend told me this too~ <3 *_____________*


[this is good] ASDFGHJKL...
this is a REALLY good news! I'm so happy. This year is another important year for Arashi *when is it not??*
Sho-chan's gonna be so busy...dome->olympic->24h TV. wow.


maji de????

eeeeh....such good news! ^^

can't wait to see the outcome


kyaaaaaaa sabes me acabo de enterar de esto en el vox de kikinini n_n desde ya happy porque  son ellos juntos otra ves como grupo (y no solo 3 como el año pasado) ah y lo mejor de  lo mejor n_n es en el cumple de jun *-* (ojala no me lo hagan llorar porque yo llorare con el T.T) ah estos chicos son asombrosos *-*


yay! i hope one of them wants to read the letter again XD
haa! MJ's birthday! gyaaa~ *imagining arashi and staff-san celebrating mj's birthday <33*

thanks Tenjo-san <333


thanks for the info!!!!
i'm really happy for them!!
is it usual for johhnys group to be charity personality twice or more?
i'm really curious... can you tell me please? onegai >__<


Ah! I forgot to write on Aiba-chan's recently learned word "五臓六腑"(笑)

My friend (Johnny's family member) sent me the special messages from Arashi on Dream"A"live, and Aiba-chan also used the word there and confessed that he learned this word recently.

He is cute and funny, ne!!

Tenjo Style

haha! What does this word means? Baka Aiba-chan, so cuteee! ^////^


It's very good to hear this big news >__<
can't wait to see ne'


que bé!! Pero espero que aquest cop l'Aiba no torni a llegir una
carta...perque cada cop que veig al video de l'ultim cop...estic a punt
de plora, fa tanta pena!!! Aiba Kawaii!!!


I am sooooooooooo excited for this. ;-; omg omg omg. that they get to host it AGAIN is so~ lucky. :D yaaaayyy, Go Arashi, way to conquer the world!!

Plus I just love the whole premise.  Charity = yayyyyy!

Thanks for sharing ne~ ^^


ne translations for this?? :) thats sooooo AWESOME!! Arashi's doing it AGAIN!! yessS!! i can't wait for this!!! :)

could anyone translate those things at top for me? onegai!


[this is good] this is good news!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! also in JUN'S BIRTHDAY!! YaHOO!!!!

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