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oh! kawaii watermelon!

... is that ANOTHER paper boat!?!? the boys never learn ne?  

Tenjo Style

stubborn boys! I love it!!! ^___^


Wah!!! I cant wait for Odoroki Special....

The Aiba one looks very promising.. Aiba-chan always has to do dangerous things in order to make us laugh ne? (pats his head) ^^

Lols, your Yabai Jun comment made me giggle!!! Of course Hime-sama wants to fly...Wah! I can't w8!!!!! And I don't know why but I want the boat to sink. Again...XDDD Wat?? It'll be boring seeing an Arashi EXPERIMENT actually work out!!! ^_^


jajaj JUN YABAI xD ah chico del mal me pone toda nerviosa *-*


ah el melon O.o jajaja y AIBA jejeje ay ya quiero verlo gracias tenjo

y por los screencaps aun no he visto el shukudaikun hehehe


i think jun-chan has been wanting to do the 'no gravity' part XDDDDD

coz he seemed really amazed when aiba-chan and rida did it XDDDDD

i wonder if this was the part that the member of morisanchu participated in? ^^

Tenjo Style

hehe minna! Jun wants to fly!!! ^____^ I can't wait for his new yabaix3! xD Really that he enjoyed so much this experiment!

Zaizaiaddict, I wonder which experiment is taking part Morishanchu, so raki to have Jun on it! xD It will be funny to watch! I hope more DoS xP


hahaha... our boys are so cute... the shows is going to be very interesting... by seeing the caps... Giant boat again.. with our " sea - sick " Nino chan ??
Aiba the flying man --- this time fly with DoS  Jun kun !!!!
Kawaii watermelon ... of course we have to have Ohmiya SK to taste it ...
Kawaii double up ...
Oct 11 ... will be out soon yo~~~
thanks again for the caps .


aw, i havent checked out your vox, i didnt know there was a preview of odoroki 3, thank you for the caps, wow this time Jun does the gravity test with AIbachan, kya >.<



what i have in mind is...i hope she didn't hurt herself during the experiment due to being so conscious that jun is beside, or behind, or in front of her XDDDDD *imagines her blushing all throughout the experiment XD)

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