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One Love

i was actually secretly hoping that this news isn't true. ^_^lll

Tenjo Style

Me too... i was hoping that this was just a rumour... but it's from Oricon Style U.U


but...i enjoy MMA very much.. how come?


ah~ so that's it!

GRA...Golden Rush Arashi (as i've read from tracey-chan's ^^)


uwah.. its so soon.. i hope theyd just do that show next year or something so taht i could have a proper goodbye to MMA.. ne?


golden rush arashi arashi?
i liked/like mma so miuch ;_;

Tenjo Style

So, Golden Rush Arashi.... I don't understand it xD


Thanks for sharing .... I appreciate that .. Arashi + working team ... they work really hard to make their program FRESH.... since MMA have been aired for almost 2 years... they keep adding new stuffs to it ...
I love MMA , but I love to see HOW Arashi and working team .. create a new program... I feel like they learn something.. keep improving their variety show skill when they do the show...
I am so excited to see their new program promotion ... YAH>> ~~~~~~~~~~

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