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thank you again!! ahhh..will take it when sendspace lets me! :)

I think you mean *painful memories*..

Tenjo Style

yes? my english is bad.. gomen ne! but thanks to correct me! ^^

ne, if SS don't let you, tell me, and i would upload to MU or what you prefer ^^U


you're welcome..

oh don't need to go through so much trouble! It's okay..just that sendspace is a little busy around this time, that's all. :)

Sakura Mars

yeah i was bullied a little...nothing like the bullying in Japan. It's hard. I think there are so many times a person can be lonely, and that when a lonely person is bullies it's almost too much to bear. I feel so bad for Jun. Who could bully a sweet kid like that? And Nino...he seems to have had it REALLY bad...poor Nino. I'm glad they've overcome these problems, and I laugh at the people who bullied them because now these boys are rich and famous and the bullies are not!!!!! ^_________^

Tenjo Style

Jun and Nino were sweet kiddos! Those people were gelous! bad people ><

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