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Whoa Inoshishi Seven sounds interesting :O :O
so they're just gonna be together for the countdown?

Tenjo Style

hai, sounds interesting ne~ Ueda with Jun and Nino... hya~ xD

we will have more Jun and Nino ^^-, the Arashi perf, and Inoshishi Seven ^O^


new costume's Arashi. I like orange suit Ohno and Jun and good news Arashi around asia photobook

Tenjo Style

woo~~ what a great new!! a photobook! kyaa~~ I hope we can buy it from a online shop!


i really like the pix u posed. jun's smile...haha. i can't wait till tokyo friends park air. i am sure i will be laughing through out the whole time. but i have to wait for someone to upload on clubbox. i wish i lived in japan. *wishful thinking*

Tenjo Style

With the aiba sugoroku and the tokyo friends park, we will laugh a lot!! ^____________^

I love that moment, this smile with the v-sign.... hya~ <3

I hope someone upload on CB soon ^^-

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