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Domo arigatou for sharing this...tenjo-san ganbate ne ..cant wait to watch MMA# jun n ohchan with subtitle..


wiiiiiiiii lo voy a ver!!!wiiii :D Arigatou!!!*-*


ahh..THANK YOU!!! They are so cute together..especially when Mao-chan said: "there's me on either side of you"..xD


Ah, I haven't seen the whole episode yet, just the clip where the crazy lady attacks the boysXDD It was so funny, I can't wait to see the rest...;P Ganbatte ne!:D

Tenjo Style

iie! ^^ I will finish it soon! =D

Tenjo Style

iie =D

sou ne~ Mao was so cute during the whole interview!! ^___^

Tenjo Style

Watch it soon! ^_~


yaaayy, i'm taking this. you even doing the jun x ohno mma? can't wait hehehehe me so happy ^^
thank you tenjo-chan & nyan-chan for always providing us with fast translation & subs m(_ _)m

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