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me wants the photobook too!! hope it'll be available in online stores.. :)

BTW, I saw the Bokuimo pbook being sold in yesasia.com.

Tenjo Style


.... ne, i can't find it at yesasia.com T.T Can you help me? or in HMV? i want it so badly ><


my dear... it's here... http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-j/section-posters/pid-1004568891/ for Jun's bokuimo photobook.
Arashi around Asia is not out yet ne... we will know when it is 11 Jan. ;)

Tenjo Style

Thanks!!!!! T_________________T


Ahhh!! I wonder when it will come out.. I'll be in Japan in March so HOPEFULLY it's out by then!! It should be, ne? Thanks for the update and LOVELY picture :] 

<3 -- hikari.


WOW............. i can't wait till that day, pls give it to me now .............

(The green cover just like a story book about geography)


It looks very nice

Thanks for your file,Tenjo Style ^_^


Ooh thanks for sharing the pics! is it just me, but Jun & Sho seem like they're always in bathrobes!
Can't wait to get the photobook :)

Tenjo Style

better in bathrobes =)~


bokuimo got the photobook??? oh my goodness!! i really want this book....and arashi around asia...oh my...have to start to save money........


Hi there ^^ , I want to download Tokyo Friend Park II but I can't download this on  the megaupload T_T . can you help me !?

Tenjo Style

don't worry, the MU link is only the CM, not the full program ^^U


I want to dowload bambino and kimi wa petto , or by DVD . Can you tell me where i can buy  or dowload them ? Thanks a lot !

Tenjo Style

You can buy the DVD at yesasia or maybe cdjapan ^_^


thanks Tenjo Style , you are very nice !


Oh , living in Vn is so boring !

Tenjo Style

no problem! Kimi wa petto DVD box is so cute!! ^___^

eh... Vn? ^^U

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